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Pathfinder Article: Risk Tolerance vs Risk Capacity

Recognizing the contrast between risk tolerance and risk capacity is vital for investors maneuvering through the financial markets. Although they both deal with risk, they focus on distinct facets of an investor’s financial makeup. Learn more here about risk tolerance vs risk capacity.

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Pathfinder Article: Qualified Distributions to Charity

You may have heard of using your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) for charitable donations and wondered, what is the benefit?  Wouldn’t it be the same to just take my RMD and make my charitable donations separately?  You might be surprised by the answer. This article will explain Qualified Distributions to Charity (QCD) and the unique planning opportunities they offer.

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Pathfinder Article: Required Minimum Distributions

In navigating the intricacies of retirement planning, understanding RMDs is paramount. A Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) is a mandatory withdrawal that the IRS requires from your tax-deferred retirement accounts. Learn more in this article by Karen Brock.

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Pathfinder Article: The Historical Impact of US Presidential Elections on the US Stock Market

The intersection of politics and economics is always complex, usually polarizing, and at times distressing to navigate. Over the decades, a prevailing notion has emerged that presidential elections exert a significant influence on the stock market, with outcomes triggering shifts in investor sentiment and market performance. This article delves into the historical relationship between US presidential elections and the stock market, exploring the patterns, myths, and realities that have shaped this complex interaction.

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Pathfinder Article: Navigating the Road to Retirement: The Indispensable Benefits of a Well-Crafted Financial Plan

Crafting a personalized financial plan tailored to retirement needs is crucial for ensuring financial stability and a comfortable retirement. Outlining strategies for saving, investing, and managing expenses, in a financial plan can help pre-retirees optimize their resources and make informed decisions for a confident and enjoyable retirement.

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Pathfinder Article: 9 Strategic Tax Planning Moves for Business Owners

As a business owner, navigating tax regulations is crucial for financial optimization. You have the advantage of strategically planning both personal and business taxes, impacting long-term plans. Strategic tax planning minimizes tax liabilities and maximizes available incentives. Here are 9 tax planning moves for business owners to enhance financial well-being.

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Pathfinder Article: What You Need to Know About SECURE 2.0 and Its Effect on Individual Retirement Accounts

The SECURE Acts of 2019 and 2022 have had a notable influence on the retirement industry, introducing various changes that impact individual retirement accounts (IRAs). These acts have implemented both mandatory and optional alterations. Some changes include additional nonelective contributions for SIMPLE IRAs, Increased SIMPLE deferral and catch-up contribution limits, and more.

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