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Pathfinder Article: Navigating the Road to Retirement: The Indispensable Benefits of a Well-Crafted Financial Plan

Crafting a personalized financial plan tailored to retirement needs is crucial for ensuring financial stability and a comfortable retirement. Outlining strategies for saving, investing, and managing expenses, in a financial plan can help pre-retirees optimize their resources and make informed decisions for a confident and enjoyable retirement.

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Pathfinder Article: 9 Strategic Tax Planning Moves for Business Owners

As a business owner, navigating tax regulations is crucial for financial optimization. You have the advantage of strategically planning both personal and business taxes, impacting long-term plans. Strategic tax planning minimizes tax liabilities and maximizes available incentives. Here are 9 tax planning moves for business owners to enhance financial well-being.

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Pathfinder Article: What You Need to Know About SECURE 2.0 and Its Effect on Individual Retirement Accounts

The SECURE Acts of 2019 and 2022 have had a notable influence on the retirement industry, introducing various changes that impact individual retirement accounts (IRAs). These acts have implemented both mandatory and optional alterations. Some changes include additional nonelective contributions for SIMPLE IRAs, Increased SIMPLE deferral and catch-up contribution limits, and more.

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Pathfinder Article: What You Need to Know About SECURE 2.0 and Its Effect on Retirement Plans

The SECURE Acts of 2019 and 2022 have had a significant impact on the retirement industry. These acts have introduced a range of changes, some of which are mandatory while others are optional. Check out some of the changes as they pertain to retirement plans.

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Pathfinder Article: The IRS is Shifting Focus

On September 8th, the IRS announced that it will be increasing its focus on the wealthy and away from working-class families. Depending on which of these classes you find yourself, this could be good news or bad news.

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Pathfinder Article: Back to the Basics: Roth Conversions

Most working Americans know the two most common retirement account types (Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs) and the differences in the two; however, there are financial planning strategies that allow individuals to bypass Roth limits and build up after-tax assets, such as Roth IRA Conversions (Roth Conversions). This Back to Basics article explains the benefits and rules of Roth conversions, as well as provides real-world examples.

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Pathfinder Article: Your Bias is Showing: Identifying and Avoiding Common Investor Mistakes

The past few years have been anything been ordinary, and as a result, we have been experiencing unsettling times in the financial markets and the economy in general. While many of the challenges we have faced recently have been unprecedented in our lifetimes, how many people have reacted to these conditions follows common mistakes inherent in human personalities. In this article, we will explore some of the most common behavioral finance missteps that financial professionals face, in good and bad markets.

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Pathfinder Blog: Pathfinder Wealth Consulting Welcomes Lauren Murphy

We are pleased to announce the recent hiring of Lauren Murphy as the Administrative & Marketing Assistant in the Cary office.

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