Retirement Planning Transition your life, easier.

Financial IndependencePlanning for tomorrow.

Now is the right time to start planning for your retirement and long-term financial independence. Financial independence means that you have saved enough to wake up every day to do whatever you’d like to do, no matter your age. We help you plan for today and tomorrow, so you are financially secure and confident.

Start Planning
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Financial Independence Plan for success.

We begin by exploring what retirement means for you – assessing your resources, analyzing your financial position, and projecting what your ideal retirement would cost. Once we discover the gaps in your current financial plan, we can build you a more secure financial future.

  • STEP 1 – Establish a Lifetime Spending Plan | Goal-based with meaningful purpose
  • STEP 2 – Inventory Resources and Analyze | Income streams and assets
  • STEP 3 – Test Your Plan: Scenario and Sensitivity | What ifs and assumptions
  • STEP 4 – Implementation and Management | Put your plan on the path to success


Retirement Confidence Transition seamlessly.

Once you transition to retirement, it is important to have a map in hand leading you through this important next phase of life. We act as your accountability partner, making sure you stay on track with your life goals, so life through retirement remains stress-free.

Our retirement planning ensures you avoid the six major risks that could derail your plan:

  • Overspending
  • Inflation
  • Healthcare costs
  • Investment risk
  • Longevity
  • Adult dependency
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Your Lasting Legacy Peace of mind

When you are ready to make sure you have thought of everything, and everyone – Pathfinder is here for you. We support your goals, providing legacy planning, confidence, and security. Our planning services help you find the answers to questions like…

  • Do I have the right documentation to ensure my financial and healthcare goals are met?
  • How will my estate transfer, making sure my assets stay intact for my beneficiaries?
  • Is my plan structured as tax-efficiently as possible?
  • What is the best way to structure my estate for gifting and philanthropic opportunities?
  • How do I create a plan for maintaining my independence without becoming a burden?
  • How do I have a conversation with my family about aging and death?
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