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Inflation & the Risk of a Recession

Join Pathfinder Partner and Wealth Advisor John Zachary, CFP®, CRC® for this informative presentation, focusing on inflation and other economic and market risks facing the economy, and whether they have the potential to push the United States into a recession.

This event was held on April 27th in Wilmington, NC and a recording of the presentation is listed below.

Special note: This presentation was recorded with data as of April 21, 2022. A few things have changed since then. First, the market has slid back down to test new lows… As of May 3rd, 2022, the S&P 500 stock index has increased its year-to-date drop to 12.95% and the NASDAQ to 20.65%. What a difference a week can make! Second, the GDP reading for the 1st quarter was released on 4/28, and it unexpectedly declined by 1.4%. If the 2nd quarter GDP is negative, we’re in a recession. However, consumer spending is still good (it actually increased in the 1st quarter) and net exports, the measure that pushed is to a negative GDP number, are expected to normalize to get us back to positive GDP for the 2nd quarter. The surge in imports is what contributed to net negative exports, and that is said to have been from businesses rebuilding inventories, which should subside.


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