Welcome to Enjoying the Path


So the day you have been waiting for is finally here—you have entered into retirement. So now what? Retirement looks different for everyone. Is it time to...

…pursue your hobbies?
…start a second career?
…volunteer in the community?
…spend more time with friends and loved ones?
…simply relax?

Once you make the shift to retirement, it is important to have a map in hand leading you through the next phase of life.

At Pathfinder Wealth Consulting, we believe in the importance of having an accountability partner, so we make sure you stay on track with your life goals. Retirement can still present surprises. It is important to address those planning needs, so life through retirement remains stress free.

Many folks in retirement are constantly plagued by the question: “How do I know it's enough?"

“Enough for … healthcare costs.”
“Enough for...keeping my same lifestyle."
“Enough for...taking care of my family."

At Pathfinder Wealth Consulting, we don’t want you to keep second guessing yourself through retirement and worrying about having enough.

Our planning services will keep you on track through the years of retirement. For some, retirement feels like a minefield. Fortunately, here at Pathfinder we help you avoid those mines and do all the worrying for you. We look at your resources, analyze your financial position and help keep you successful through retirement.

The path through retirement starts here. Let us guide you forward.