Here are a list of speaking topics:

Navigating the Path to Retirement:

This presentation is designed to motivate and educate you on why and how to plan for retirement. It will help you separate assumptions and myths from the realities of life after your last paycheck. You will discover the benefits of goal based planning and how to avoid and mitigate the risks every retiree faces. You will learn about common mistakes as well as best practices for a successful retirement plan. Everyone has a different path, but we all need a clear direction to retirement.

Investment Outlook or Midyear Outlook (biannual update late-January release and mid-July release):

A discussion on the current state of the economy, what has taken place in the capital markets for the last year, and its impact and our forecast for the upcoming year.

Taxes and Politics:

Finding out the latest on Capitol Hill and how it will affect us throughout the year. Receive an update on pertinent information for tax season and strategies to help guide you forward.

Measuring Performance:

In today’s world, information is easy to access; however, interpreting the information is not. In this presentation you will gain a deeper understanding of measuring investment performance. We will cover the various ways that investment returns are calculated, situations where they are useful, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities—A Panel Discussion:

When you, your parent, or loved one decides they’re ready to move from the family home, continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) may be worth considering. Schedule us for a panel discussion concerning CCRC’s from local experts.

Aging and Its Financial Implications: Planning for Housing:

Anticipating the realities of aging enhances your ability to make better choices for your future. Most people envision their retirement with checking off their “bucket list,” but your lifestyle may change dramatically later on, which makes understanding your options vital to your long term plans.

Aging is What You Make it:

Thanks to innovative technology, growing older has transformed into a more vibrant period of life. Learn multiple ways the use of technology will keep you young and active!

Digital Assets:

Digital assets are text, images, multimedia information, or personal property stored in digital format; there is an importance of planning for these assets. This presentation will help users understand the policies, federal laws, and obstacles for planning for these assets.

Living Legacy:

Leaving a legacy is more than just money. Learn about the four pillars of leaving a legacy that includes everything from family traditions to personal possessions.

Volatility Exhaustion:

Have all the conflicting headlines on the state of the stock market and economy left you bewildered? Have the ups and downs got you concerned? Learn about market volatility and what options are available for today’s market.

Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes:

Estate planning can be an intimidating topic, which often leads to procrastination, or even worse, avoidance. Join us to review the most common estate planning this takes to ensure mistakes do not happen to you.

Intergenerational Divide: Facilitating Family Dialogue:

Receive insight on how to carry out financial conversations with your family, bridging the intergenerational gap and planning ahead, so your goals and plans remain intact for the future.

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