Planning Services Enjoying





Our planning services help you find the answers to questions like...

  • What are my options with long term care?
  • What type of Medicare insurance can I receive, and is it enough?
  • How do I plan for retirement housing, and do I have enough money for continued care?
  • Will I be able to fulfill my retirement bucket list?
  • How do I grow my retirement income and continue to manage my money?
  • How do I plan for volatility in retirement?
  • What family planning should I be prepared for?
  • How do I know my spouse will be taking care of if something happened to me?

We help you find the answers by:

  • Planning your long term care options and coverage policy
  • Assisting you with a plan for healthcare costs through retirement, knowing how much coverage you will have through Medicare and supplemental plans
  • Running a housing analysis for downsizing, retirement communities and/or continued care facilities
  • Planning out your retirement bucket list through a strategic plan so each goal is attainable
  • Reviewing your portfolio and running it through a stress test to ensure you are prepared for the unexpected
  • Setting up college planning or other dependents you may still have through retirement
  • Assisting you with succession planning so you know your loved ones are taken care of