Our Philosophy

An EPIC Journey

Our team is driven by a set of principles we call our EPIC philosophy. This acronym is a straightforward way for our clients to understand our beliefs. It is the foundation for our client engagements. Our approach will bring clarity and depth to the financial decision-making process. This EPIC journey has helped our clients reach and stay in retirement.


Quick and impulsive decision making can be great for choosing a restaurant or movie; however, it can also lead to mistakes when your entire financial future is at stake. In today’s market, too many people make financial resolutions without understanding all of the available options and associated risks. In the end, they could find themselves lost or in retirement ruin. Our client engagements begin with sharing our collective knowledge and experience. This is also a time to educate our team on your financial status and objectives, your preferences and personality, and your personal and professional history. We need to understand you, if we hope to be your trusted advisor.


Once you’re informed about the financial path before you, our team will chart a customized course of action. We all know that no one plans to fail, they simply fail to plan. Our team will help you align your existing assets and income resources with your financial needs, wants, and wishes. During the planning process, we’ll address risks, while also putting a contingency plan in place for the unexpected. We will run scenario and sensitivity tests to make sure you set realistic expectations and milestones.


What good are discipline, education, and planning if you never put them into practice? Opportunity comes when preparation meets action. Pathfinder can turn your paper dreams into tangible reality with our disciplined investment process and expansive financial products and services.


Pathfinder realizes that long term is lunch time for most Americans today, but we’ve been trained to see well beyond the immediate financial horizon. We also know that life changes rapidly, and we anticipate changes to your financial plan. That’s why our team has a detailed quarterly service plan for our clients to make sure we continue guiding you forward.