Our Firm

We won’t tell you what path to take through life, but it is our mission to make sure you are financially prepared for the journey. Life and money are intertwined. We understand the complexities of life’s financial decisions, and we have experience navigating our clients to and through retirement.


We work exclusively for our clients, not Wall Street. We offer no proprietary investment or insurance products. By partnering with a leading independent broker/dealer in the country, Commonwealth Financial Network®, we can help bring you oversight and regulatory compliance with the largest array of financial products and services in the industry. No sales quotas. No top-down management mandates. No catchy product themes.


At Pathfinder, we believe a good financial decision can only be made after due diligence is completed on your broader financial picture. Many aspects of life are intertwined financially, so it is critical to analyze the big picture before making any recommendations. Our comprehensive approach and attention to details affords us the capability to provide sound guidance for the long-term betterment of our clients’ lives rather than simply assisting with one-time decisions and short-term solutions.


Life’s journey is not about following someone else’s path. It’s about making your own way, and no two financial plans are the same. Being independent allows us to deliver objective guidance, and we take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously. We will educate you on various planning and investment strategies and guide you through your options. Our wealth management process stresses the importance of education and planning first. Then we can search for the products and services that will enhance your plan’s success.

Team Based

We believe that a team approach is the only way to properly assist our clients in this age of complex financial situations and needs. By distributing our tasks, our training, and our experience throughout the team, we are able to bring a higher level of service than one individual consultant can deliver. This team approach enables us to gain a broader picture of a client’s financial situation and bring more perspective into our analysis process. At Pathfinder’s forefront stands a team of professionals ready to walk with you on your financial journey.


We pride ourselves on being very open and honest with each of our clients. Our main goal is always to educate and provide the basis you need for sound financial decisions. We will be your accountability partner as you travel along your path.