Our Approach

Our step-by-step process will direct you down the path of developing your financial goals and putting them into action. We will thoroughly examine each individual situation and guide you through your financial plan, investments, and insurance options—and ultimately lead you to and through retirement.

Initial Consultation

This is an introductory meeting to highlight our firm and the services we offer, including a description of the financial planning process. We will learn what you would like to accomplish and whether we are a good fit for your needs.

Engagement and Discovery Appointment (1–2 weeks)

This appointment serves as the beginning of our formal relationship. You will sign initial paperwork, and we will begin to gather financial data, including your personal financial goals. Once we have collected data and know what we are working toward, we can begin to build your financial plan, including assumptions. We will run our standard planning scenarios and introduce your particular areas of concern. This process consists of our financial planning team meeting several times to build a rough draft of your financial plan.

Discovery Appointment (3–4 weeks)

This is where your plan begins to take life. At this appointment, you will begin to see how your decisions and resources work together to move you toward your financial goals. We will address scenarios, questions, and concerns that we will work into your plan to personalize it.

Presenting Your Financial Plan (5–6 weeks)

We will have your completed financial plan ready to review. It will include an easy-to-follow presentation that will address the big picture, as well as the details for those that appreciate the technical aspects. We will include an action plan that will help you get on your new path to financial success!

Implementation Meetings (6+ weeks)

Having a plan is only the first step. Implementing your plan will move you along your financial path. During the implementation portion of your plan, we may have several other meetings to address certain aspects of your financial life. These may include meetings to discuss estate planning, tax strategies, investment details, and insurance needs.

Financial Plan Maintenance (Ongoing)

Our client service process will keep you on your path. We will meet between one and four times per year to maintain your financial plan. As life happens, it is important to make sure that your financial plan changes accordingly. We haven’t had a single financial plan that did not change over time based on a client’s life changes.