Firm History

Pathfinder Wealth Consulting of Wilmington, Inc., was formed in 2005 by Robert Penn and Jason Wheeler. Prior to having their own firm, Rob and Jason worked for Morgan Stanley and Investors Financial Group. While at Morgan Stanley, they called themselves “the Pathfinder Group.” This name started with a conversation about our team goal of guiding families on life’s financial path no matter what they faced in their future. The name “Pathfinder” came from Rob who had served in the U.S. Army and had attended “Pathfinder School.”

Firm History

From the U.S. Army website: “Army Pathfinders are specialists in navigating their way through foreign terrain and establishing safe landing zones for Airborne and Air Assault Soldiers or Army aircraft. Many times they are asked to parachute into remote areas, navigate their way to unobstructed locations, then relay those coordinates back to a command center.”

For us, it meant that we would guide our clients to a safe financial location by going ahead of them and clearing obstructions and mitigating risks. It resonated with us and stuck. Discipline, preparation, duty, and the visual component created another layer of connection with the team.

In addition to the Army inspiration, there was also influence from our set of shared values. We believe that life is a journey and that it is our calling to serve our clients throughout their financial lives. It gives us purpose beyond the financial rewards of a strong work ethic. As we developed a vision for the firm that we hoped to create, it was an easy choice to call it “Pathfinder.”

So after getting frustrated working for a parent company that dictated the types of investments we could offer to our clients, we decided to venture out on our own. We knew that proprietary interests were not fair to our clients, many of whom had different financial goals. We did not want any outside objectives influencing a client’s experience with the Pathfinder team.

Since 2005, we have added additional professional staff to continue to support our clients and guide them on life’s financial path. We have continued our focus of leading all relationships with a comprehensive planning approach and letting our clients’ situation and preferences determine the products and services that are in their best interests.