The Path to True Happiness

Think back to when you were a kid. If you had older siblings like me, you just wanted to be like them. You wanted to follow them to school and hang out with their friends. Once you were old enough to go to school, you always looked ahead to the next grade until you got to your senior year and then all you thought about was graduating and going to college. Once you were in college – at some point – your focus became on finding a job and starting a career (although I will say many of us would have stayed in college forever if our parents let us). Throughout our working years, you strive to do better, reach another goal, advance your career, etc. until one day you start thinking about retirement. It is the advancement of this world we live in. When you think about it, we are hardly ever happy with where we are, always trying to get to something else. So for those that made it to retirement – congratulations! Now what? Visualizing retirement and what that looks like can be different for everyone, but the time to start thinking about it is well before reaching the goal of retirement. What you think might seem great spending your time in retirement doing will only last for so long, so it is important to dig deep and find what truly makes you happy. Is it volunteering, spending time with family and friends, participating in activities or just simply being? Find out more on how to prepare for an “intentional retirement” at our upcoming workshop on October 18th as we explore the 7 things for you to consider beyond the numbers for retirement readiness.