The Entrepreneur Retiree: A New Trend

Is this you?

  • You’ve worked hard your entire career and have enough financial security to retire.

  • You have a skill set you’d rather not put on a shelf to get dusty.

  • You have an idea that could become a business but you aren’t interested in doing it all yourself.

These are the typical characteristics that lead someone to follow a new retirement trend called “Retirement Entrepreneurship”. 

Three Tips for the Last 3 Years Before Retirement

I was recently asked by an industry writer for "not so common" recommendations for retirement planning. I typed in "retirement planning recommendations" on google and found the 10 commandments, 7 rules and 5 steps of retirement planning as well as a million other sites telling us the basics. Why do people need to hear the basics time and time again? Because retirement planning is equally a mental and behavioral shift as it is a financial shift. We host two presentations specifically geared towards retirement planning.