Simple is Sophisticated

At the time of this writing, our country is currently in the middle of a pandemic and the hardest part for many people (including myself) is doing nothing.  We should not be going many places.  We should not be hugging people.  We should avoid touching our faces.  And our investments. 

Generating Passive Income

I get asked a lot of questions about generating passive income. The idea folks envision is that if they can generate enough passive income streams, they can quit their day job, and retire somewhere with a scenic backdrop and cocktail in hand. Sounds great, right? However, in many cases, this is purely an idealistic dream, not a realistic possibility.

Get Rich Quick? Think Again.

In today’s world, where investing is at our fingertips through online and even mobile trading, you would think it should be as easy as ever to make fast money by investing, right? Think again.

On the Path to Retirement, Do You Have a Plan?

Do you plan to travel in retirement or have a bucket list purchase you have always dreamed of? Perhaps you intend to spend more time with family or turn your passion into a business?  Most importantly, do you have a unique plan specifically designed for ensuring you achieve those goals?

The Cycle of Financial Planning


The very word may give you pause, and the idea of a sustained decline in economic activity may have you ripping holes in your mattress to store cash for safe keeping.  A recession can be scary; however, it is a natural part of the economy, and may be a lot less uncomfortable when you have a solid financial plan in place.

Financial Self-Care

This article was originally published in WILMA Magazine, the audience being Wilmington's successful woman.

What’s your number one stressor?  Most of Americans would say “money,” outweighing personal relationships and work combined.  Conversely, studies show that women’s greatest source of confidence in the future comes from taking positive action and using their money for their financial goals. Self-care is not just about treating yourself now, but also in the future. Financial self-care can help you get organized and gain momentum for your goals.   


The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act

On December 20, 2019, the SECURE Act was signed into law. The SECURE Act contains 29 provisions, encompassing many aspects of financial planning and retirement saving. Once treasury regulations are released, nuances in interpreting this new law will become clearer. Until then, individuals are left to interpret the law’s effects based on the language of the law itself. This article will address what the SECURE Act entails and who it affects, as well as provide suggestions on how to plan for the changes that have been instituted.

Life Expectancy on the Rise; are you Prepared?

This is the first post in a two-part series on the impact increased life expectancy can have on your retirement. Part II, published next month will focus on strategies to lower the risk of longevity.

Where to Live in Retirement - Part 2: Buying Versus Renting

This is the second post in a two-part series on the considerations of where to live through your retirement years. 

For part II of this series, I wanted to address a common misconception that we have as Americans. In order to fulfill the “American Dream,” you must be a property owner.

It’s true that real estate can be an effective way to build equity, but it is worth considering…is owning property in retirement right for you?

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